Welcome to Dreaming Dyslexic

Welcome to Dreaming Dyslexic

Welcome to Dreaming DyslexicWelcome to Dreaming DyslexicWelcome to Dreaming Dyslexic

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A Community For Dyslexic Kids

Dreaming Dyslexic is a group for kids with dyslexia ages 6-14, led by dyslexic volunteers and their families.

Dreaming Dyslexic provides opportunities for social gatherings, volunteering, inspirational speakers and workshops.  

Dreaming Dyslexic wants to build a network for dyslexic children and inspire them to achieve their dreams!

Calling all Student Ambassadors!!!


We need you at Dyslexia Rally Day 2020!!


Ambassadors are needed to represent the student population navigating dyslexia in education.  Student Ambassadors will speak at the podium about their dyslexia experience.

Student Ambassador Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be in grades 5-12.
  • You must submit a video or typed document no more than 2 minutes in length sharing your dyslexia experience.  Please time your speech before submitting it.  

  1. Tell us how it might have been different if your teachers knew more about how to teach a dyslexic student or how it changed when a teacher was knowledgable about dyslexia. 
  2. Tell us how your student experience changed when you got the right help.
  3. Tell us what we can do so that all educators and students have the right tools to be successful in education.

  • You must have an appointment to meet with your Legislator after the rally.  Please schedule this before submitting your speech.
  • Submit your video/document to by March 15th, 2020. 

We also need student volunteers to help direct families where to go, lead the rally chant and assist in other ways as needed.  Volunteers must be in grades 5-12.

We will select 4-6 students and notify all ambassadors by March 30th.  Students not selected will be offered the opportunity to volunteer during the rally.

Contact Jenny Zweber at if you have questions.

See you at the Capitol on April 15th!

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Book Project Contest Winners

Contestant #3


I am 8 years old.  I have 3 favorite books:  Princess Storybook Collection, Dogman, and Pierre the Penguin.  I sculpted characters from these books!

Contestant #5


I am 13 years old.  My favorite book is The Land of Stories: Wishing Spell.  I used paint, clay, and markers to create a map of The Land of Stories on 3 poster boards.