About Us

Our Story

Seeking a Girl Scout Silver Award Project, 13-year-old Sarah decided to create a group that could meet a need she has had most of her childhood - connecting with other children who are dyslexic.  Knowing she was dyslexic since first grade, Sarah felt isolated, misunderstood and came to believe that her future was limited by her dyslexia.  Teaming up with her mom (Jenny Zweber), Sarah started Dreaming Dyslexic in October 2019.  She wants to prevent other dyslexic children from going through what she experienced. 

Our Mission

Dreaming Dyslexic’s mission is to create a community of dyslexic children ages 6-14, led by dyslexic volunteers and their families.  Our goal is to connect, inspire, and encourage dyslexic kids.  

What We Do


We CONNECT dyslexic kids with other kids just like them.

  • We will hold 6-8 events per year.  These will be social gatherings for kids to get to know one another and have FUN!
  • We encourage dyslexic children and their families to volunteer to help plan and run our events.

We INSPIRE kids by introducing them to dyslexic teens and adults who have used their dyslexia as a strength.

  • Dyslexic speakers will give short presentations at select events throughout the year.
  • We would like to hold workshops to help kids develop skills (ex. self-advocacy, self-awareness, finding their strengths) that can help them with the social/emotional aspects that can come with being dyslexic.

We encourage kids to DREAM big!

  • We want to help students realize that they do not need to be ashamed of being dyslexic.  The goal is for kids to see the positive side of being dyslexic and to understand that their future is not limited.